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Manta Equipment tracks and understands how people use your equipment, automating common tasks and making bookings effortless.

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Film Holder 20 is due back in 45 minutes.

See everything in one place

View all your resources, users and their bookings without having to navigate three layers down. Like a real workdesk should be.

Work quickly, work efficiently

Search for anything with the omnibox, and visualise results on the timeline to get the full picture, even for bookings with 20+ items that end at different times.

Migrate easily from existing systems

Manta works well with existing systems. Integrate with your institution's sign-in service, and copy over all your resources and booking history from WebCheckout or Excel files.

What our clients say

Making back-to-back bookings for our documentation space is so much easier than before. The timeline in Manta is easy to use and saves us a lot of time.
Kevin Dossinger
AAP IT Solutions at Cornell University
The customer support team at Manta is fantastic. They are always willing and eager to assist with questions. Manta is an intuitive system that continues to evolve and improve to meet the needs of its users.
Lindsey Glover
Advanced Digital Media Services Coordinator
Cornell University

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