Simple, but flexible

All the features you need, when you need them. Track cameras, multi-functional rooms, self-service printers and just about anything else.


Find users, resources or bookings all in the same, intelligent search box.


Understand your users' booking history and fit bookings in a tight schedule.

User portal

(Patron-initiated reservations)

Let patrons make reservations without stopping by the counter. Set constraints to prevent greedy bookings and save time on both ends.

Streamlined workflow

Manta focuses on a light user interface that is intuitive to use and requires no training. Less clutter, faster bookings.

Flexible features

We know each department works differently. Forget managing three calendars, spreadsheets and pen-and-paper logs. Configure Manta to work the way you need it.


Create items that automatically check out and return. Fantastic for printers and other equipment that works by appointment.

Service Hours

Full control over your schedule, including holidays and seasonal changes. Set default checkout times for different resources.

Meta fields

Store and keep track of information that you care about. Add fields detailing service history, equipment features, or anything else.

Seamless integration

Minimize the troubles of user and server management. Have us keep tabs on uptime and chat to a support team that responds in minutes.

On the Cloud

No servers, passwords or infrastructure to manage. Manta takes minutes to set up, and we'll even take care of importing your resources and users.

Single-sign on

Users should not have to create tens of accounts. Use the same sign on service your institution provides.

Active DirectoryUpcoming

Already have groups and classes created on Active Directory? Link them in directly with Manta and restrict who can book resouces that require training on enrollment.

Small and nimble

At Manta Equipment, we value working closely with our clients, iterating fast and building a product tailored to your needs.

Send us a message, and let us know what features you would like to see in Manta.

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